Provide valuable information, training, and pre-sales support for New Home Builders. Become partners with builders in your areas to help with improving the customer experience by helping improve the quality of your product!

Our Objective

  • Improve the quality of the home and reduce warranty claims!
  • Improve upon weaknesses within sub-contractors while increasing quality!
  • Provide a training tool for Construction/Project Managers to utilizes and improve efficiency and quality.
  • Provide a grading system for homes that identify opportunity for improvements

Builder Opportunity

  • To Increase name recognition with a quality product!
  • To provide the ability to allow the Construction/Project Managers to hold sub-contractors.
  • To Increase knowledge and reduce Construction/Project Managers turnover.

The Solution

  • Quality Inspection provided by licensed home inspectors that can identify defects that may otherwise go unnoticed until there is a warranty claim.
  • Re-inspections to ensure that the proper corrections are being made to increase quality and training.
  • A grading system that provides all the information about the home at your fingertips.
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