New construction builders are known for their reputation of quality and customer service. Faced with tough competition you need to set yourself apart from the pack! Don’t allow limitations that prevent you from taking full advantage of improvements in technology! New construction builders face the possibility of decreasing sales revenues due customer perceptions of the quality of their product.

We have developed solutions to help builders stay ahead of the competition and increase customer satisfaction! Our team has created a system designed solely with new construction builders in mind! Implementation of this system will set you apart from your tough competition.

Our solution is simply, provide a report that not only identifies corrections that are needed, but to provide you with a database that can be easily accessed to view, grading, QI reports, contractor scores, and more! Most importantly, we will provide you with the resources to increase quality while reducing complaints! Ensure that your name means quality!


  • Increase quality
  • Providing additional resources for better quality
  • Individually grading of homes and neighborhoods.
  • Current technology allowing for record retention for warranty claims.

Our execution strategy incorporates proven methods using licensed home inspectors! Teach and train construction/project managers on how to inspect homes while increasing quality of the homes built. Holding the construction/project managers and sub-contractors accountable to provide the utmost quality product. Providing each construction/project manager detailed reports, an online individual grading systems. Managers have the ability to access all reports to each neighborhood as well as view the score of the homes at a glance.

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